Songs From Return To Argenthome - The Rough Tapes

Here are some very rough recordings of the songs from Return To Argenthome, sung and played by me with some help from Band In A Box and Cubase. Truth in advertising: I am not Gestalt, nor indeed any kind of vocalist whatsoever, so the vocals on these are mostly very rough.*

All the songs except one are now done. The remaining song is one I'm not even going to try to sing; I hope to get someone else to help out at some point. When the album happens, all the songs will be sung by people who can actually sing, and the arrangements should be improved as well. This is just to give you a rough idea.

No Poppies

What It Seems

No And Yes

Prince's Lament

I'm Coming Back For You

My Turn Now*

The Shadowed Path

Hearing Voices

Argenthome And Honour Fair

A More Suspicious Man

Bring You Down

Lady Of The Sun

Tell You A Story

Changing Lives**

*The exception; a very nice recording of the song by my friend Silke Kovar.

**The other exception; vocals supplied by my friend Chantelle Smith.