New and Never Before Seen! is proud to host the welcome return of Mordecai del Aguila, the Court Magus to the King of Tamland, and his apprentice, Willibald Volebreath. First seen in Two Magicians, just reissued on with a brand new cover and guaranteed fewer typoes, this brand new story sees Mordecai once more plucked out of his safe, comfortable routine, dragooned into accompanying the headstrong Prince Varnak on a perilous trade mission down the river to Freeport. Things become complicated when Willibald is kidnapped the day before they are due to leave...

As usual, I'll be putting the book up episodically on the site, and after a certain point (i.e. when I've finished tweaking it and adding bits) the full version will be available via email on application to me.

BREAKING NEWS: after a long hiatus becalmed off the Barbary Coast, the story is now in motion again. Part 16 will follow as soon as I have my uploading problem sorted. In the meantime, if you wish to refresh your memory as to what was going on, or if you're curious and want to start from scratch, the links are below.

Two Magicians...and a Boat PDF

Two Magicians...and a Boat EPUB

Two Magicians...and a Boat MOBI