New and Never Before Seen!

By kind permission of my esteemed co-writer, Mr Sam Armitage, we present a brand new tale of the Nyrond. These immortal, star-faring snake oil salesmen first saw print in The Eight-Man Austin, available from as an ebook or paperback, and featured in The Lost Goats, on this very site. In this latest adventure, Soren and Zander are charged with replenishing the homeship's water stocks; but the lump of ice they bring back is not merely a refreshing draught of H2O...

It's the FINALE!!!

Our long national nightmare is once again finally over. The story is finished. This means, of course, for all those who don't like reading episodes, that for a limited time (till the dead tree edition, now in final proofreading stage, is officially released) if you email me and send whatever you feel is an appropriate donation for a five-hundred-page, action-packed, rip-snoring--sorry, rip-snorTing--roller-coaster of a yarn, I will email you the full text as it stands in EPUB, MOBI, PDF, ODT or DOC format. Once the print book is out and (please gods) approved for wider distribution, I will be submitting it to Amazon and such as an ebook as well, so this is a Special Offer for friends and followers of Avevale only--nobody else is going to hear about it. Unless of course you tell them. :)

The Overly Obnoxious OIK Operation PDF

The Overly Obnoxious OIK Operation EPUB

The Overly Obnoxious OIK Operation MOBI