The Lost Goats--NOW COMPLETE!

By kind permission of my esteemed co-writer, Mr Sam Armitage, we present a tale of the Nyrond. These immortal, star-faring snake oil salesmen first saw print in The Eight-Man Austin, available from as an ebook or paperback. Now see what happens when Zander and Soren Nyrond are sent forth to retrieve six of their missing brothers, and the sensitive documents they stole. Pirates! Scientists! Hot nurses! Explosions! Thrills! Spills! And hats!

As with Oonaverse, I'll be putting the book up episodically on the site, and after a certain point (i.e. when I've finished tweaking it and adding bits) the full version will be available via email on application to me.

Watch this space!

The Lost Goats PDF

The Lost Goats EPUB

The Lost Goats MOBI