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A VILLAGE: Avevale is every sleepy little English village you've ever heard of, read about, or seen on the telly or in films. Almost. There's a village green, a duck pond, a river running through it, little thatched cottages climbing up a steep hillside, an ancient pub, a market square with little shops around it, a village church and a big house on a hill. And let's not forget the mysterious scientific research establishment just outside the village. Of course, there are differences. The church isn't exactly Christian. The shops don't necessarily sell the kind of thing you'd find in your local Tesco. The big house is not what it seems. And you won't find Avevale on any map. Nevertheless, it can be a warm, welcoming and above all safe place to visit. It's when you leave that the fun starts...

A UNIVERSE: Avevale is the hub of a narrative cosmos full of stories waiting to be told. From here you can voyage into past or future, follow the Nyronds in their endless peregrinations across the galaxy of the Sagittarian Age, ride with Dracul von Ryan and his Koven of Khaos to investigate unexplained occurrences here on Earth, roister (if you like that sort of thing) with Gob, Twinge and Brak at the sign of the Ticklish Ferret, or step into the Gilchrist machine and travel to the limits of imagination. This is the story site of Jonathan Waite, a writer of fantasy and sf with a light touch and a dash of lunacy. Here you'll find stories short and long, scripts, poems and songs, and possibly much more. All he needs is a little encouragement, and a cup of tea every hour or so. Which leads us to...

A TEAPOT: well, all right, I admit it, I'm still working on how Avevale can be a teapot. Life is a work in progress. Art is never finished, only abandoned. It's true that exhaustive searches around the village have failed conclusively to identify a handle, or indeed a spout, but I'm quietly confident that in the fullness of time there will be understanding. Maybe it's a metaphor...or maybe it's simply that a teapot can be a very good reason for like-minded people to gather round and talk, tell stories, sing songs and enjoy each other's company. Won't you join us?